Tombland by C J Sansom, reviewed by Adele Geras

A rich, complicated and fascinating novel ... I was swept up in it. When this enormous novel was published in early November this year, it went straight to the very top of the Nielsen Bookscan charts, selling about 45,000 copies. A few weeks before it appeared, there was a piece in the Sunday Times by […]

SIRACUSA by Delia Ephron, reviewed by Adèle Geras

A couple of weeks ago, the Twitter hills were alive with the sound of readers discussing the relative merits and demerits of reading ebooks. I'm a fan of the printed book and the printed newspaper, but I love my Kindle too. One of the best things about Kindle is: instant gratification. It took me about […]

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty, reviewed by Adele Geras

... a genre that I'm very fond of: characters are thrown together and isolated somewhere beyond the reach of the outside world. Liane Moriarty is an Australian writer, best known for Big Little Lies, which was a huge success on television. The book is better than the television version, in my opinion, and her earlier […]

I was born in Jerusalem in 1944 and spent my early childhood in many different countries because my father was in the Colonial Service. Before I was eleven, I'd lived in Cyprus, Nigeria, and North Borneo and later my parents were also sent to the Gambia and Tanganyika (now Tanzania)... read more.

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