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Dangerous Women Book Release

March 9, 2021 by Adèle Geras

My novel, DANGEROUS WOMEN came out in UK on Thursday 4th March. It's published by Penguin Michael Joseph and here are screenshots of the page.

Dangerous Women Book Release
Dangerous Women Book Release


‘Fine story of suspense, sisterhood and society, reflecting the harshness of women's lives and their desperation to survive in a world that has scant regard for their wellbeing' Daily Mail

'An intriguing murder-mystery, skilfully written and bursting with colour and life' Lucy Atkins, author of Magpie Lane

'Dazzling. A captivating story filled with intrigue and dark secrets. An immensely satisfying tale of guilt, innocent and second chances' Emma Rous, author of The Au Pair

'A fabulous, page-turning novel that kept me gripped. It's impossible not to become engaged with these women' Jane Harris, author of The Observations

'This is a locked room mystery to end all locked room mysteries!' Sophie Bennett, author of The Windsor Knot

Beautifully writtenHope Adams has woven together an epic sea voyage with an intriguing murder mystery to make an unputdownable read -- Katie Fforde

A gorgeous and compelling story with vibrant characters. I was fascinated by the novel's inspiration and the real life story of the Rajah Quilt -- Rachel Hore

An intriguing murder-mystery, skilfully written and bursting with colour and life -- Lucy Atkins ― author of Magpie Lane

A fabulous book with a fascinating premise. A murder mystery drives the story, but it's the characters who keep you entranced as, in the confined space of a long sea voyage, these feisty inventive women negotiate each other and their new world. I loved it -- Dinah Jefferies

I so enjoyed this. It evokes an era when justice was cruel, but also how the creation of something like a quilt gave hope and substance to existence. A terrific read -- Elizabeth Buchan

Dazzling. Adams takes the fascination history of a convict ship and brings it to life in a captivating story filled with intrigue and dark secrets. An immensely satisfying tale of guilt, innocent and second chances -- Emma Rous ― author of The Au Pair

Well-written, engaging and thoroughly compelling. I love it when forgotten histories are brought to light, and touch the reader so that they immediately want to know more -- Elizabeth Chadwick

A gripping exploration of female solidarity in a time of crisis and claustrophobia. Hope Adams sets the grubby injustices of a misogynistic legal system agains the beauty of creating a work of art and, through that art, stitching together an unlikely community -- Caroline Lea, author of The Glass Woman

A fabulous, page-turning novel that kept me gripped. Bringing together murder, convicts and patchwork quilting - all aboard a ship bound for Australia - it's impossible not to become engaged with these women and their individual plights - especially once everyone becomes a suspect -- Jane Harris ― author of The Observations

This is the USA edition, published by Berkley.

Editorial Reviews

"A perfect recreation of a unique moment in time. An examination of the shocking treatment of women in our not-too distant past. Hope Adams' Dangerous Women is a must-read for lovers of fearless historical fiction."
Alma Katsu, author of The Deep and The Hunger

"A dazzling novel. Adams takes the fascinating history of a convict ship and brings it to life in a captivating story filled with intrigue and dark secrets. An immensely satisfying tale of guilt, innocence and second chances."
Emma Rous, USA Today bestselling author of The Au Pair

"A historical episode artfully adapted in a bleak tale that offers glimmers of hope for women discarded by society."
Kirkus Reviews

"Adams's debut transforms an actual 19th-century sea voyage into a striking personal drama. Readers who like their historical mysteries well-grounded in real history will be rewarded."
Publishers Weekly

"Basing her novel on fact, Adams draws from the actual ship's logs to create an intriguing story...This variant of the locked-room murder will appeal to readers who enjoy historical fiction centered on women's lives."

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Adèle Geras

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