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Author Adèle Geras has published over 100 books for readers of all ages, and writes under the pseudonym Hope Adams.

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I hope everyone who visits will enjoy looking round it and finding out about me and my books. Links on this page take you to Books for Adults, Young Adult Books and Books for Children.

There are links also to News and Events and if I write a book review I’ll post it under What I’m Reading.

I will be writing under a pseudonym with my new publisher Michael Joseph as Hope Adams and her books will have a separate page coming soon.
Latest books
  • Cover Your Eyes - Adele Geras Books
  • Out of the Dark - Adele Geras Books
  • Love or Nearest Offer - Adele Geras Books

Book Reviews

  • Geras has an amazing creativity. She invents and executes the most original plots which she fleshes out with characters so convincing that one feels that one knows them.

    Jane Baker

  • There are many pleasures in this wonderfully warm and entertaining novel - the subtle, deep exploration of character, a story superlatively well told, and the rich, fun details.

    Sophie Masson

  • The reader will sink into Adele Geras’s sensuous descriptions. As ever, the well-observed characters live warmly on the pages, which I couldn’t help but keep turning.

    P. Dolan

My Blog

The Dream Quilt

"I threaded silk through a silver needle to make a cover for your bed.Rest your head, close your eyes. I’ll stitch you dreams and lullabies." We start with a house, where everyone sleeps except for a child…. Illustrated by and available from the talented Valerie Greeley


While she was still trembling with the complete unexpectedness of what Aeneas had just said and done, he leaned forward a little and kissed her on the mouth. Just one swift, soft touch of his lips on hers and then he turned and walked away. Love can be deadly. Especially when two girls fall for […]

Happy Ever After

The Tower Room: Loosely based on Rapunzel, this is the story of a sudden, unexpected, passionate relationship and the unforessen yet inevitable results of defying convention. When Megan glimpses Simon from her tower room, their worlds are changed forever. Watching the Roses: A modern version of Sleeping Beauty, this is a haunting tale of treachery […]

I was born in Jerusalem in 1944 and spent my early childhood in many different countries because my father was in the Colonial Service. Before I was eleven, I'd lived in Cyprus, Nigeria, and North Borneo and later my parents were also sent to the Gambia and Tanganyika (now Tanzania)... read more.

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